The Client is a global leader in hospitality business and therefore, has a huge loyalty member base. To keep the member engaged and apprised with the latest and greatest, they launch promotional campaigns every few months. The existing tool used for designing and budgeting campaigns had several limitations.

  • Interface was dated & required manual in nature
  • Could accommodate only one past campaign data for planning reference & could allot only one offer per customer
  • Multiple iterations were required to create the final offer structure
  • New campaigns that did not match any of the previous ones could not be planned accurately

These limitations were slowly rendering the entire process inefficient & unscalable.

The dated excel tool was replaced with a completely redesigned state-of-the-art R-shiny based tool.

  • Identify features and functionality
    • Identified improvements to be made across the tool from the end-user perspective
    • Triangulated client requirements with our ideas to design an intuitive, fast and robust framework
  • Overhaul data-processes
    • Created a robust data-mart with information on an exhaustive set of metrics including nights, revenue, incremental revenue, # targets, # registrations, activation, campaign cost across offer groups and regions
    • Standardized the back-end processes across offer types
  • Bake in functionalities for
    • Including new input parameters like weekend special offers, credit card offers etc.
    • Selecting multiple reference offers
    • Allotting up-to 3 offers in parallel or series to the same customer group
    • Comparing, saving & reloading planning iterations
  • Deployment
    • Made centrally available on a server for the clients to use


The solution enabled the clients to

  • Instant result display allows experimentation with offer combination before finalizing
  • Integrated results taballows comparison and modification easily
  • Pick up and drop anywherewith options to save and reload plans
  • Determine the right set of offerswith optimized campaign liability estimate


The tool was well adopted by the clients and went on to replace the existing campaign planning systems owing to

  • Efficient campaign cost estimation 
    • Run time reduced from 1 hour to 1 min per campaign
    • Was used for all 2019 global promotions
  • Increased accuracy 
    • Better feedback system – learnings from multiple past campaigns, as against just one
  • Ability to design of complex campaigns
    • Instrumental in rolling out campaigns with up to 6 offers per offer group globally and planning campaigns for a specific set of customers (like credit card users)