We proposed to address this need with a three-step process.

  1. Identify key metrics like past transactional behavior of customers, upcoming projects, potential of the customer, number of child branches to determine which customer to target and when.
  2. Provide a sequential flow of these metrics and generate a consolidated priority score for customers, to help predict the behavior of the customer.
  3. Convert the whole process into a one stop interface where the client could access Customer-360 profiles. Using this interface, the Sales reps could further navigate to any details related to their customer.


  • The solution enabled the client to understand customer requirements better through details of their past transactional behavior
  • They were able to strategize which customer to target for maximum profits
  • The reps were able to plan their day and optimize the tasks being assigned to them
  • The client was able to track their customers and ensure that they do not lose important customers.


The client was able to:

  1. Increase cross sell and up sell success rates
  2. Effectively identify drivers that define the output of Sales reps and benchmark their activities
  3. Create targeted strategies to stop customer churn