We replaced the numerous, obsolete reports with a completely redesigned state-of-the-art Tableau- based dashboard that provides interconnected and explicable views to understand overall program health.

We helped:

  • Identify various metrics of the program and features to track them at various desired levels
  • Design a simple and intuitive User Interface, that can be utilized by the non-tech savvy stakeholders as well


The solution enabled the clients to

  • Monitor all aspects of the loyalty program with crisp and intuitive visuals
  • Compare the performance with that of previous years’ as well as goals
  • Track metrics in detail across geographies and portfolios
  • Drive policy changes with respect to member benefits


The tool was well adopted by the clients and went on to be the single source of truth for key stakeholders. The tool helped

  • Loyalty program members develop a holistic understanding of the quality of the health loyalty system and fostered informed decision-making
  • A user base of 15+ key stakeholders with up-to-date and historical data
  • Reduce multi-report refresh time from 4 days to 1 day