We developed a map-based solution that integrated with the client’s CRM (SalesForce) to provide sales reps a holistic view of all their customers, leads and projects. Features such as ‘Account prioritization’ helped sales reps differentiate between customers. ‘Churn analytics’ helped proactively identify customers at risk.

The solution also enabled sales reps to divide their territory into zones for better planning and alerted reps of overdue tasks. A routing algorithm ensured that reps.


  • Syncing of Google map services with Salesforce data provided sales reps a seamless experience
  • Allowed sales reps to customize targeting based on the customer segments and the division of territory into zones
  • The Alert feature in the solutions ensured no tasks were overdue
  • The routing algorithm ensured that reps optimized their time spent between traveling and talking to customers
  • The prioritization feature ensured appropriate targeting of customers at the right time, leading to greater revenue


The map-based solution was able to help sales reps reduce the time spent on weekly planning by 70% and increase targeting of priority accounts by 15%.