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Leverage AI/ML to Modernize Your Telecom Business

TELCO.ATOM.AI is a telecommunications specific industry offering built on the Databricks Lakehouse platform enabled by an ecosystem of industry tested accelerators and frameworks, allowing Telcos to understand real-time customer insight, optimize customer experience and store performance and lower the total cost of ownership of the IT stack.

TELCO.ATOM.AI facilitates cloud migration to modernize the IT stack, constructs effective customer data platforms, and activates store network optimization, staff enablement and precise customer interventions at scale.

ATOM.AI an Integrated AI/ML Accelerator Ecosystem for Telecom


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TELCO.ATOM.AI Accelerators

Optimize Store Network with Telco tested interactive tool, that is ready to model and analyze Telco data and propose customer centric network. Improve customer coverage by 12%-15%.

Enable store associates with 360-degree context of customers for faster redressal and better sales. Improve store revenue by 5%-10%.

Benchmark store experience, set targets and measure impact of interventions on store experience. Improve store NPS by 10%+.

Proactively sense breakages in customer experience and respond with sharp interventions. Improve CLTV by 10%-15%

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